When betting on sports, your number one goal should be to make well informed and sober decisions. You can only do this if you are able to avoid hot tempers and keep a clear mind. This means keeping extreme emotions out of your betting decisions. This is possible if you are able to maintain a positive attitude towards all outcomes.

 Winner Emotions

Winning is what everyone who gets into sports betting is looking for. A win will bring happiness and confidence but it also may breed much more. At times when you have had consecutive wins, you tend to develop emotions that you may think are good but they are just ticking time bombs. Such emotions include:

  • Overconfidence;
  • Greed;
  • Complacency;
  • Laziness.

If you want to keep a clear head, stay away from these emotions. They may feel harmless when you have had only wins with your last few wagers. These emotions bottled up inside and at such a time if you lose, your tempers will be quite close and may go overboard. If you want to keep your hot tempers at bay, try your best to avoid these emotions after a win. Have short celebrations and do not let your wins lead you to quick betting decisions.

The best way to deal with these emotions when you feel them coming on is to take a short break to bet. Take a day or two away from betting to catch your breath and bring your mind to a clearing before placing your next wager.

Loser Emotions

People are very different and we deal with emotions differently. You may be one of those people that lose their temper easily and react immediately to losses. If you are worried, look for a happy place or a happy partner to be with you whenever it is time to get results to your wagers. This will give you an anchor to hold on to so that you don’t become hot-tempered when you receive news of a loss. You should also avoid making betting decisions after receiving the news of a loss because the most probable thing is that you will not have a clear mind.

There are people who do not react immediately but rather get emotions related to loss such as:

  • Fear;
  • Self-doubt;
  • Desperation;
  • Frustration.

If you are this type of person, the key to keeping a clear head is to keep a record of your wins. Whenever you get any of these emotions refer back and see occasions when you were a winner and this will clear your mind. Avoid making sports betting decisions when you have these feelings and focus on raising your spirits for better decisions.

The best way to avoid hot tempers is to know what your trigger is and keep it in check. Find activities to keep your mind calm and avoid winner and loser emotions before a betting decision.

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